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Truth Hurts aka “Truth” thrown in Jail for Terrorism October 12, 2006

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Truth Hurts

Terrorist are growing in the HipHop community!  Forget about Osama and Saddam, it appears as though Dr. Dre has created a terrorist. Dr. Dre’s original first lady of Aftermath, “Truth Hurts” aka Truth recently while out on tour for the nationwide stage play “I Can’t Stop Loving You”, The Genuis of Ray”, was arresetd and thrown in a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina jail on 9/11 for carrying a dictaphone. When searched by TSA, they came upon a recording device which she uses to remember melodies, hooks and verses for songs. She was further questioned about the device and asked by TSA what the device was, her reply “A dictaphone, what does it look like, a bomb?” shut down the airport and brought in the feds. Truth was questioned by the FBI for making terrorist threats and was subsequently arrested, booked and held for over 24hrs. in a S. Caroline prison before being released with the aid of the production company. Where was TSA when Tupac & Biggie where killed? Can somebody say Drama!!!
Developing Story…….

Watch: Truth Hurts – “Addictive” music video

Watch: Truth Hurts – “Ready Now” music video



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