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Dreaming of Dreamgirls!!! October 20, 2006

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We cannot wait for this movie to come out in December.

Dreaming of Dreamgirls!!!

If you are an Eddie Murphy fan like me and can’t wait to see Jamie Foxx and Beyonce all together on screen,
Check out the new trailer for DreamGirls below….


Blade found in Namibia, Africa! October 20, 2006

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Wesley Snipes found in Namibia, Africa
As we reported earlier in the week. Our sources lead us to the African Nation of Namibia which is where Wesley Snipes was found filming his latest movie. Time to Pay the Piper Wesley! ~Story developing….

Wesley on the run in Africa to Escape Uncle Sam! October 18, 2006

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Wesley on the run in Africa to Escape Uncle Sam! 

Yesterday Wesley Snipes was indicted for tax fraud and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Law enforcement officials have not yet arrested the actor because, according to US Attorney Paul I. Perez, they don’t know where he is but we have a hint where to begin looking.

Wesley Snipes’s latest thriller—an intriguingly wacky tale about a half-baked plot to steal $12 million from the IRS—isn’t likely to earn him an Oscar, but it might land him in the can. The New Jack City star, his pal Eddie Ray Kahn, and Florida-based bean counter Douglas P. Rosile have all been hit with Federal indictments.
Snipes is charged with eight counts of tax fraud for allegedly paying $12 million in taxes with phony checks and forgetting forgetting to file income tax returns between 1999-2004, though it’s hard to fault the star of Murder at 1600 (paycheck: $10 million) for having selective amnesia.

He and his accountant go way back.

In 2002, the Department of Justice filed suit against Rosile, who has since had his license revoked in Florida and Ohio, claiming he helped 174 clients underpay at least $36 million in taxes. According to DOJ documents, Rosile suggested the multi-millionaire actor apply for a $7.4 million tax refund in 1997 as part of a revolt by people claiming exemptions based on slavery reparations and various other issues. The Blade: Trinity star (paycheck: $13 million) claimed to have made $0 in ’97, when he actually pulled in a Nino Brown-sized $19.3 million.

Snipes wasn’t charged in that case, but Rosile is still under investigation.

Authorities have yet to actually track him down, though we’d suggest Johannesberg, where he was once held for carrying a fake South African passport. Or Nigeria, where he’s known as Chief “Ikemba Mbaukwu.” Or Putnam County, Ga., where he was reportedly building a private army called the Royal Guard of Amen-Ra.

The Truth is that he is in Africa in Namibia and working on a new film says a very reliable source.